CPFSK Simulation


CPFSK Simulation
This is an application that simulates the
Continuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying
Modulation with 1080Hz, 1500Hz, 1700Hz
and 1750Hz carrier; 300, 600 and 1200
bauds; 1 or 2 bits per symbol; Gaussian
noise channel with SNR = 0-100dB;
differencial detector with variabile delay
constant; wide range of cut-off frequencies
for the low-pass and band-pass filters
Language : Borland C++Builder 5
CPFSK Screen Shot
Binaries and source code available on the download page.
Borland DLL's needed for the application : borlndmm.dll and cc3250mt.dll available here.


Copyright (c) 1995,2003 by George Oros