Romanian Mint Rubbing Association -
Mint rubbing - time and life management technique

Borland Software Corporation -

The good old Borland Pascal 7.0 with Objects
The great Borland Delphi
The cool Borland C++Builder
The Borland Turbo Assembler
Adobe Systems Incorporated -
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Audition

QNX Software Systems Ltd. - 
Best Real-Time Operating System

Jasc Software Inc. -

Jasc Paint Shop Pro
Great 32bit Pascal Compiler - Multitarget (DOS, Windows, OS/2)
Niko Mak Computing Inc. -
WinZip compression software
Programmers heaven -
Very good software downloads with source code
Free email -
Great email service with 5MB storage space
Romanian Jokes -
Cool jokes, funny pictures and movies
Technical University Cluj-Napoca -
The place where I study
Please visit the Basis of Electronics Department web-page -
My HomePage -


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